The user list is where users with access to the Settings / Users page will have a complete overview of all users registered on the instance.


This is where you can search for active, deactivated and deleted users and filter results based on the filters you can find in the filter list (First name, last name, employee ID, username, department or status). The active (users) filter will be preselected by default when navigating to this page.


When clicking on the 3-dot menu, you can select to open the user in a new tab or resend the user an activation mail so they can log in to the instance. This can be useful when you have a user that has been restored or reactivated.


If you select to open the user profile in a new tab, more details about the user will be displayed.

The user profile will allow you to change the user's password or username, add roles, access rights, or see the employee's log. The user profile will also include a link to the employee profile connected with the user. Click on Employee profile just below the user's profile picture to view their employee profile.


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