Getting Started - Company settings

When you create a Company on AppsCo you will be immediately sent to the Company Settings page. 

To access this page go to your Company, click on the burger menu in the top left corner, and choose Company Settings from the drop-down. 


General Settings

If you wish to change the basic company settings, click on the Manage button on the Settings card. 


You can modify the different basic company information such as: 

- Company name: enter your company's name. 

- Company contact email: enter the email address you will use for contact purposes. 

- Billing Email: enter the email address where all the invoices regarding AppsCo will be sent. 

Company settings - under the basic company info you will find different settings that can be applied on the company level for your managed users:

- Send email notification to system admin when managed users log in from a new device
Depending on your preference you can enable or disable this option by using the toggle button. 
When this option is enabled, you will need to write in the email to which you wish the notifications to be sent. 

- Disable copy password option on all company resources
Applications shared with users that are not Singl Sign-On SAML apps include an option to copy the username and password which users can use to login in some cases (for example if the application does not support autologin or form-fil). However, you can disable this option for all company resources. When this setting is enabled, the assignee will not be able to see the copy button in the info section for the password value. 

- Send email notification to admins when the user/contact invite is accepted
When this option is enabled, an email is sent to all the company admins when a user or a contact who has been invited to the company accepts the invite. This setting helps the admins track when a new user/contact is added to the company so they can share the resources with them and finish the setup. 

When you are finished, click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 




If you have any questions, please send us an email to

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