Department policies

Department policies is the page where you can create plan policies that are going to be applied either in the whole organization or in selected departments. Department policies are connected to the work hours module. Calculation rules and salary types you add to the policy here will be reflected in the planned hours for each employee that has been enrolled into this policy.




You can change the name of the policy in the first section.




The next step is to define at what time work starts and the standard salary type for clocking in.




You can add one or several calculation rules to the default work hours policy. This includes adding overtime calculation rules and defining the period type and period amount.




The last step is to add salary types to the policy. This means that employees will be able to register the salary types you add here to the plan policy.



With AppsCo, you can also create your own policies if you e.g. have employees working in shifts or working part-time. Once you have created your own policy, you'll be able to enroll individual employees or whole departments into your custom-made policy, just like the default plan policy.

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