AppsCo's handbooks are designed in such a way that you can choose when to read them and what type of device you want to read them on. This guide gives you a quick walkthrough of how to read the handbook in web view.

Once you have logged in to to AppsCo One, you will be redirected either directly to the handbook module (if your company only has access to this module) or to the Home Dashboard which includes an overview of AppsCo One modules.



You'll find all the handbooks assigned to you in the dashboard overview


or in the menu on the left:




You can also open the handbook overview by clicking on the quick links in the top bar if you are currently in another part of the app.


Once you have opened the handbook module, you will see all the handbooks that have been published and made available to you. The symbols in the bottom right corner of each handbook will indicate what needs to be paid attention to, such as when the handbook was last updated etc.


Handbooks that have been read will be placed in the column on the left while handbooks lacking read confirmation will be placed in the right column.



The handbook overview will give you quick information about each handbook such as the name of the handbook, a short description and when it was last updated. On top of the overview you will find an introduction text created by the handbook admin.


Two handbooks will be placed one under the other. Use the back and forth arrows to search for other handbooks published to you. 


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