KPI Dashboard

The KPI dashboard gives users with access to this report a statistical overview of various data related to employees in the company. This data is useful because it provides quick information about the company statistics so that leaders and administrators can see what they need to focus on. 

Data can be filtered by department and/or date range. If a filter is not applied, the statistics will be displayed for the whole organization.





Each statistical overview has an information icon with information about the chart, diagram or the number displayed.





The statistics are grouped into several sections:


People - This section displays the headcount today, the number of male and female employees in the chosen department and the number of women with leadership roles (in percentages).




Vacation - This section displays data related to employee vacations such as the number of employees on vacation, unused vacation, transferred vacation and vacation that employees have applied for that hasn't yet been confirmed.




Absence - This section displays data related to employee absences (excluding vacation). The type of information that is displayed is the absence percentage for the selected period, number of employees absent today, registered absence types, absence per department for selected period and the number of employees present today.




Onboarding - The statistics related to onboarding display the onboarding status for the selected department, the number of hires, the number of hires for the past 12 months and hires per department.




Offboarding - The statistics related to offboarding processes display the status of offboarding processes for the selected department, the number of resignations, the number of resignations in the last 12 months and resignations per department.




Company statistics - This section provides diverse company statistics related to resignations. This includes resignation reasons, resignation by gender and resignation by employee age.



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