24SevenOffice Integration


The 24SevenOffice integration is used for syncing products, customers and employees between AppsCo and 24SevenOffice.


 How to set up a 24SevenOffice integration:

1. Go to Settings → Integrations and click on the + icon

2. In the window that opens, type the name of the integration or select24SevenOffice


For the integration to work, you will need a username (always an email address) and a password. Enter these into the corresponding fields in the integration setup window:


Necessary for the integration:

  • Client login
  • User login
  • Application ID for integration


3. The integration will be added to the integration overview.

4. Go to SettingsIntegrations - The overview will display all integrations connected to your AppsCo organization. The overview will show the name of the integration, if it is active, the last time it was used  and the number of potential errors.

5. Select 24SevenOffice by clicking on it – The integration profile for this integration will be displayed, with all the necessary information about the synchronization setup and status.




deactivate.png Deactivate – Clicking on this button deactivates the integration and stops the integration process. Confirm to complete the deactivation.


synchronize.png Synchronize – Clicking on this button starts the synchronization of employees, customers or products. The choices available in the sync drop-down will depend on the sync setup. Confirm to complete the synchronization.




support_documentation.png Support documentation – Link to the existing support documentation. (Coming soon)


delete.png Delete – Deleting the 24SevenOffice integration will delete any imported data. Confirm to complete the deactivation.



Change log – This tab displays the change log for all fields which includes the field name, message, what the field was changed from and to, time and date stamp, name of the person who created the change as well as the status.


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