How To Create an Incident or a Measure

The Incidents module is used for registering incidents and measures.

  1. Go to IncidentsIncidents & Measures.
  2. Click on the + button to open the window for registering information about the incident.
  3. Fill in the date and time. The current date and time will be displayed by default but these can be altered as needed.
  4. Select a department.
  5. Give the measure a title.
  6. Select an incident category
  7. Select incident type.
  8. Select a case worker from the drop-down menu.
  9. Add a description.
  10. Define chance for incident happening again (scale from 1 to 4).
  11. Define consequence if incident happens again (scale from 1 to 4).


Once you have defined the chance and consequence, a risk level will automatically be generated for the given measure. The risk level scale ranges from 1 to 8 and is calculated simply by adding the values entered for chance of incident happening again and consequence if the incident happens again.



Once you have filled out all the obligatory fields, the Save button will be activated. Clicking on the Save button will add the incident to the dashboard. The incident will be placed in the Registration column.

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