Employee Changes Report

The Employee Changes Report is used to export information on changes made to one or several employee profiles. The report can be downloaded as an Excel file.


How to export the Employee Changes report:


1.  Choose Insight from the left side bar menu and click on Report - Employee Changes.


2. The Search field allows you to search for employees.



3. In case you search by department name, all employees who belong to that department will be displayed. The list of employees will be updated immediately. 



4. Use the filters Created from and Created to to narrow down the search. The list of employees will be updated immediately. 



5. Click on the expand button next to an employee to see all registered changes on the employee. Click on the expand button to see the details of the change.




6. Click on Employee profile fields to select or remove employee fields to be included in the report. All of the fields are selected by default.


7. Select or remove the fields you want to be shown in the report and close the window.


8. Click on Export employee changes to download the report as an Excel file.


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