Absence Percentage Report

Absence Percentage Report shows all of the absences divided in multiple departments and filtered by specific absence code and date range. By clicking the INSIGHT icon from the left side bar menu, choose the Report-Absence Percentage.


Based on what department you would like to access click on the chosen name of that department. The top 3 filters on the top (department, date range and tags) allow you to chose the date range of the report along with the absence code(s) also known as Tags (various reasons for an absence).

After choosing the right department click the EXPORT button and the report will be open in the Excel document. 


Only by exporting the report you can see the details of it, and all the employees and their absences calculated and shown in percentage. 


The report itself will have all the information from the names of that department employees to their total hours worked in the specific date range chosen and hours used for absences and specifically what those absences were. Important to mention is that the vacation time does not count as absences. In here only absences like sick days, child illness, specific family holidays or different personal time, are being counted as absences. 

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