Dashboard Intro - Employee/Leader view

    Once you log in to HR on the left side bar menu click on the Home icon and chose My Dashboard from home menu. Welcome to Dashboard, place that has all the shortcuts you will need while using HR solution. Before proceeding, once you are logged in for the first time you will see an option to download our mobile apps.  Not to worry, this option only pops out once following the very first logging.  You can switch this off by at any time and the app store buttons will be available to you by clicking on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner.


We divided Dashboard in two parts based of the role you are assigned to. An employee view and leader view. The left side of the Dashboard page is where all of your basic information are (name and role) and how your Profile looks like, alongside with the shortcut to requesting off days and viewing your overall vacation time. Underneath, you are able to see absence of your team for the rest of the week. 


Dashboard navigation as an Employee 

All the icons underneath "me as an employee" are shortcuts to the rest of the HOME functionalities, and and easy access to everything an employee needs to see, know, and do.  


My Profile is where all the basic personal info can be seen or edited.  In addition, you can choose from a left side of the page if you need access to the change log, work agreements, or system access. 



Absence is where an employee can track request time off, vacation time and in general have an overview of their absence and vacation balance.


In My Tasks , you are able to add tasks and  track and see tasks you are involved in based on their status in process and list view


Workflows contains all the workflows you as an employee are a part off. 


My Handbooks is where access to the  Handbooks assigned to you  (once you read and check them they move from the right to the left side of the page).


My Calendar is where you can add specific order lines based on the date, and where you can see overall status and amount of those order lines.


Dashboard navigation as a Leader

A leader will have a slightly different view in the dashboard. Here, he or she has access to everything they need to take care regarding of their team, whether is to approve absences, onboard and offboard employees or to create checklist templates.


In My To Do List, a leader will se all the tasks they need to take care off based on their status flow (not started , in progress of finished).


In a Checklist , a leader is able to create new checklist templates, or edit the existing ones.





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