Adding new customers

How to add the new customer 

By choosing a Customers from a Time Control icon from a sidebar menu on the left, you can search for a existing customer using filters such as name, customer ID or their status (active, inactive) or create a new one.  To create a new one click on the "add customer".



A popup window will open and you will enter the basic information about your customer and click continue .


You will continue with contact information and also click continue.

To create a user profile after filling in the user name click on a little "lock" button to create a unique password for a new customer. 


Set the toggle button to “active” in order to send the activation email to user when activated. Click continue to finalize onboarding. 


After reviewing the information about new customer, click Finalize onboarding.


If you forgot to send activation email to a new customer, you can do so by clicking on the three dots menu on the right of the customers name and chose "resend activation menu" . For other details about a customer, and to get to their profile simply click on their name or "open in new tab".3dots.png


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