SAML Integration - Pipedrive Single Sign-On Setup

In order to setup Pipedrive SSO SAML application on AppsCo, you will need:

- AppsCo Business
- Pipedrive Platinum plan

NOTE: We always suggest that you login to Pipedrive and AppsCo also in another browser, in order to avoid getting locked out in case of settings misconfiguration.

1. Go to your AppsCo company resources page. 


2. Click Add, and then choose SSO Application from the drop-down menu. 


3. Search for Pipedrive, and click on the card to add the application to your company's resources. 


4. A dialog with settings will open. In order to enter the settings, you will need to login to your admin account on Pipedrive in another window. Click on your profile image in the top right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu. 


5. Navigate to Single Sign-on in the left-hand menu. You will see that this page contains two sections. The fields which you can copy from the bottom (SAML configuration for your Identity Provider (IDP)) are what verifies Pipedrive with AppsCo, and the top part (SAML configuration for Pipedrive) are fields which AppsCo can share and which verify AppsCo as IDP in Pipedrive.


6. Go back to AppsCo and fill out the form as stated bellow:

Under SAML Issuer enter:

Under Domain registered at SP enter: your Pipedrive sub-domain. For example if your Pipedrive instance URL is: you should enter only yourcompany. 


If you are not sure which domain is registered in Pipedrive, you can find it under ''Single Sign On (SSO) URL'' (in Pipedrive - SAML configuration for your Identity Provider section) - it is the subdomain before part of the URL. 


Under ACS URL enter: the entire Single Sign On (SSO) URL copied from Pipedrive. 


7. Click ''Add'' to create the resource. It will show up on resources list. Now, click ''Edit'' button on the Pipedrive SSO SAML resource to open the settings. 


8. Next, you will need to copy the settings from AppsCo to Pipedrive. You will find the necessary settings under AppsCo IdP information on ''Manage Resource'' page. 


9. In Pipedrive in SAML configuration for Pipedrive section, enter information from AppsCo as stated bellow: 

Under Issuer: copy and paste ''Entity ID'' information

Single Sign On (SSO) URL: copy and paste ''Sign in URL'' 

Single Log Out (SLO) URL: copy and paster ''Sign out URL''

Under X.509 certificate: download the certificate on AppsCo, open the file, select all, copy and then paste it to designated field in Pipedrive. 



10. Click ''Save and test'' in order to test the integration.


11. If everything is set properly, you will get a notification as on the image bellow. 


12. To enable SSO/SAML for users, scroll down to the bottom of the page and turn the toggle button ON. 


10. Once information is entered, go back to AppsCo in order to share the resource with users. Same user (with the same username) must be registered in both Pipedrive and AppsCo. Remember that if the resource is not shared, they will not be able to use it.
Select Pipedrive SAML resource by clicking on the icon and then ''Share'' button.


10. Select user(s) from the list and click Share to share the resource. Pipedrive SAML will show up on AppsCo dashboard, and registered users will be able to login without entering login credentials. 


When removing Pipedrive SSO SAML, you should first disable it in Pipedrive, and then remove the resource in AppsCo. 


If you have any questions, send us an email to


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