SAML Integration - BambooHR Single Sign-On setup


In order to setup BambooHR single sign-on, you will need:

- AppsCo Business
- BambooHR company instance

1. Add BambooHR on AppsCo

Application should be added to company resources on AppsCo first. If you have already done this, skip to step 4.

Go to your company and then to the Resources page. 


Click Add and then choose SSO Application from the drop-down. 


From the list of available SSO resources, choose BambooHR SAML


A setup dialog will open where you can write in the following information: 

SAML Issuer:
Domain registered at SP - this is your instance subdomain (example: yourdomain)

Click Add when you're done. 


On the application card, click Edit to open the settings which you will need to copy over to the BambooHR instance. 


In order to complete the setup, you will need to install the BambooHR SAML 2.0 app and add it to your BambooHR instance. 

Go to the App Marketplace: 
and click install to install the app. You can read more about this topic here.


You will be sent to a screen to enter your BambooHR instance sub-domain. Click Continue. 


Enter your username and your password in order to authorize the application and click Login to proceed. 


On AppsCo, from the AppsCo IdP card:

- copy the Sign in URL and paste it to the ''SSO Login URL'' field on BambooHR
- download the certificate and paste it inside the Certificate field on BambooHR. 


Click Install to finish the process. 


Once everything is set up, go back to your AppsCo Company. Go to the Resources page and share the BambooHR SAML resource to your employees. 


Once the resource is shared, your employees will be able to access their BambooHR instance without entering any credentials. By logging in to AppsCo as the Identity Provider they will be authenticated on BambooHR as well. 

If you have any questions, please send us an email

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