How to set up BambooHR as IdP on AppsCo?

In order to set up BambooHR as an Identity Provider, you will need:

1. An instance on BambooHR where your employees' identities are located

2. AppsCo Company with a verified domain

3. Users in AppsCo directory matching the users in BambooHR.

4. Your BambooHR subdomain (for example

Go to your AppsCo company and navigate to Company Settings. 


Click Manage on IdP Settings card. Remember that you need to have a verified domain in order to set up an external IdP. 


Click Manage on the domain for which you wish to set up an Identity Provider. 


Write in the title of the Identity Provider.
The domain will be pre-filled. 
From the drop-down choose BambooHR as Integration type. 


Once the integration type is chosen, you will see an additional field you need to fill out.
Enter your BambooHR instance sub-domain - you should only enter the sub-domain (without www or https://) using the lowercase letters as in the example image. 
Click Save to finish the setup. 


You will see that the Identity Provider for this domain is now configured. On the card, you will see Manage and Deactivate buttons where you can manage the setup or deactivate it completely. 


BambooHR as an IdP is now set up. 

To test if login with BambooHR works properly, open an incognito window in your browser, and go to
Enter your username. You will see that the Single Sign-On is enabled once you enter your entire email. Click login and you will be sent to BambooHR login.


Enter your BambooHR credentials. Once you do that, you should be sent back to AppsCo as logged in user. 


Remember: In order for login to work, you need to have the same user in both AppsCo directory and in BambooHR.

If you are an admin in your AppsCo company - in case you have problems logging in when you're using BambooHR as an Identity Provider, you can always use the ''Admin login with AppsCo credentials''. This means that you will be able to login to AppsCo just by using your AppsCo username and password. 


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