How to reset Two Factor Authentication for managed users?

If the user is managed and has set up two-factor authentication, you can reset the two-factor configuration. When two-factor is reset, user can configure the two-factor again.

This option can help the user to get back access to locked accounts in case they have lost the device they used to generate authentication codes for two-factor. 

To reset the Two-factor, go to your company and then to the Directory. 


Click Edit on the user you wish to reset the Two Factor for. 


On the Two Factor Authentication card, click Manage. This option will only be available if the user is managed.


You will see a Reset button. By clicking on the button you will remove the current Two Factor configuration, and when the user tries to login, he will be prompted to set up the 2FA again. 


A dialog will show up asking you to confirm the action. Click Reset, to reset Two Factor for this user. 


If you have enforced Two Factor policy in your company, next time user tries to login or refreshes the page, he/she will get the following screen which will prompt the user to set up Two Factor Authentication in order to be able to login.


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