Dashboard Folders - how to organize resources?

You can organize the resources on your Personal dashboard by using Dashboard folders. 

To add a folder, simply click on New Folder button above the dashboard.


Type in the name of the folder you wish to create and click Add. 


Once the folder is created, you can add resources to them by simply using drag and drop option. 


Or by using the right click option. Right click on the resource you wish to move and click on Move to. 


A dialog will open where you can choose to folder. The resource will be moved to the folder you choose. 


To open a folder, click on the folder icon. 


You will see all the resources added to this folder. To move the resource to another folder, right click on the resource and choose the folder from the list. 


To move the resource back to the dashboard, use the drag & drop to drag the resource to the Dashboard breadcrumb above and drop it. 


 To remove a dashboard folder, right click on the folder you wish to remove and choose Remove from the drop-down menu. The folder can not be removed if there are resources inside, so you will need to move the resources back to the dashboard or another folder before you can delete the folder. 



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