Billing - How to purchase user licences?

In order to be able to add users to the directory and share resources to them, you will need to purchase licences after your trial period is over. 

For example if you wish to add 20 users, you can purchase 20 licences. Go to your company and then to the Billing page. 


First, you will need to add a payment method. Click on the ''Add payment method'' at the bottom left to add your credit card. 


Fill out the number of your credit card, expiry date, verification number and the Card holder name. Click Add to add the credit card to your company's billing page. You can always change the credit card information by clicking on the ''Change payment method'' button and entering new info. Once the new information is added the previous card will be removed. 


Once your card is added, you will be able to choose a subscription plan and purchase the licences. Click on the Subscribe button. 


Enter the number of licences you wish to purchase and choose between yearly or monthly plan. Depending on your choice, you will be billed annually or monthly. Click Purchase to complete purchasing licences. 


When you subscribe, you will be able to see your subscription plan, invoice list and the information about the upcoming invoice for the next billing period. You can always change the subscription plan by clicking on the Change plan button. 


To view detailed information about previous subscription plans - invoices, click on the invoice you wish to view. In the info section to the right you will see the quantity - the number of licences and the total amount you paid. You can always send the invoice to your billing email by clicking on the ''Send invoice'' button at the bottom right. 
A dialog will show up asking you to sent this invoice to the billing email you have specified in company settings


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