How to set up Two Factor Authentication?

Your AppsCo account contains different sensitive information  To keep it safe, we strongly recommend enabling 2-step verification. Two-factor authentication decreases the probability that an attacker can impersonate a user and gain access to an account and important resources. 

Enable Two Factor Authentication

To enable Two Factor Authentication, go to My Account in the upper right corner. 


On the Two Factor Authentication card, click Enable to start the setup.  


In order to set up 2FA, you will need to download Google Authenticator app from the Google Play or Apple Store to your mobile or tablet device. Click next to proceed. 


Once you have installed the Google Authenticator, scan the QR code provided on next page. 


Your account will be registered in Authenticator and the code will be generated every 60 seconds. To complete the setup, enter the code generated in Authenticator on your phone or tablet and click Save. 


Two factor authentication will be enabled on your APpsCo account and each time you try to log in, after entering username and password, you will also need to enter a code generated in Google Authenticator application on your mobile device. 

Once the 2FA is setup, we advise you copy the recovery codes and keep them safe on several different devices or documents. In case you loose or change your phone, these codes will help you login to your account and prevent from being locked out. 

Go to My Account page, click Manage on the Two Factor Authentication page. 


When Two Factor Authentication is enabled you will see a Recovery codes section. Click View Recovery Codes to view and copy the codes. 


Disable Two Factor Authentication

To disable 2FA, go to My Account in the upper right corner. 


Click Manage on the Two Factor Authentication card. 


Click DISABLE to turn off Two Factor Authentication. 


Once 2FA is disabled, you will no longer need to enter the code in order to login as a second step of authentication. 



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