Default organisaton structure in Appsco One contains one unit matching the company name.

Add your own departments/regional offices/teams with ease.


Organisation is often referred to as organisation structure. Making sure the leader of an organisational unit can access and manage his/her employees requests and hr processes.


Adding an organisation unit - a department: Click the + button on the "Organisation" page


Add name of the new department, a description(optional) and the department number (often used when integrating with other systems). Then press the "Continue" button



Select the parent department and add leader(only employees with role leader and administrator will appear in the list) and the default plan policy for the new unit. 

Onboarding of employees will default assign the leader of the department.

The default plan (ex. 7,5h) will also default assign the plan policy to the new employee.

When you onboard employees you can choos any leader/administrator and any workplan.



Click the "Finalize onboarding" to complete the process of adding a department.



The new department will appear as a "child" of the main(top) department.



Edit the department information by clicking the "pencil"


Add/edit information by clicking a field.


Drag and drop the departments/units to tailor your organisation to your need.

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