To do list

The "To do list" offers help for managers and hr to keep track of all their tasks.

The web version offers a complete overview of all tasks including on and offboarding. The Appsco One People app includes an easy overview for approving vacation request, time off and approval of hour lists.


Click the "To do list" from the Appsco One Dashboard.



The "To do list" contains tasks that are not done yet and tasks that are completed.

When there is a new task for you the "bell" in the top menu will indicate this.

The tasks are presented as cards in the workflow and can be opened by clicking them.

Vacation and time off requests can be approved from the card itself by clicking the "Confirm" or "Reject" button.

All tasks in the "To do list" are also sent to the manager or hr as a separate email. There will always be a button in the emails that opens Appsco One and directs you to that spesific task.



For the vacation and time off request there is also the possibility to see more information by clicking the card. There are "Confirm" or "Reject" buttons here aswell. 




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