Offboarding of an employee


The dynamic process of offboarding of an employee starts by clicking the "Offboarding workflow" icon from the Dashboard


The workflow's "Process view" consists of 3 sections - each employee is represented with it's own card in the sections. The workflow also has a "List view" - clicking this will represent the data as a list.

It's easy to navigate between workflows from the top right corner of the page.

  • "Waiting for offboarding" - small amout of data is added to the employee 
  • "Ongoing" - all or almost all data are added. Changes can still be done 
  • "Completed" - offboarding is completed and the employee can no longer log in to Appsco One

The workflow icon is always availabe from the navigation menu on the left.


A new offboarding can also be started from this view by clicking the + button.


Search for the employee to be offboardet by start writing the name or choose from the dropdown and press "Add"

  • Enter the resignation date
  • Enter the reason for resignation
  • Write a comment (optional) about the resignation



Before clicking the button "Finalize offboarding" you can edit the information added



In the workflow the card can be deleted (stop the offboarding) by clicking the 3 dot icon and select "Delete offboarding". 

To edit or continue the offboarding click the card or the pencil.



The offboarding is completed by clicking the button "Finalize offboarding". The card is moved to the "Completed" section of the workflow and the employee is considered to have left the company.


Statistics about offboarding are found on the Appsco One Dashboard --> "Statistics"

The resignation reasons can be added/edited/deleted from the menu: "Settings" --> "Resignation reasons". Only users with role "Administrator" can access this menu.

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