Time off Management

"Time off management" will help you keep track of the vacation requests, the number of remaining vacation days, the time off and so on. The employees use the Appsco One People app to registrer their vacation and time off as a part of the self service provided.


To open the "Time off management" click the "Vacation and absence" section from the Appsco One Dashboard. The calendar view will open and you will see all the requests and approved requests for this month for your department/company. 


The approved time off will have a full colored line. The not yet approved will have a half colored line.

Click the line with time off to see more details, to approve or to reject the time off.


If an employee are not able to add their time off themselves, click the + icon to add time off for them.


Enter the information about the time off and click "Save"


Time off that is already in registrered in Appsco One for that employee will be marked in the date selectors with the color of that spesific time off code.



The following time off codes are default in Appsco One:

  • Own sickness - used when an employee is sick but still has not seen a doctor
  • Sick child - used when the employees child is sick 
  • Sick by doctor - used when the employee has seen a doctor 
  • Paid leave - used if the time off is paid by the company
  • Unpaid leave - used if the time off is not paid by the company
  • Vacation - used to keep track of employees vacation

Need more time off codes? See the articles on "Settings" --> "Time off" 

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