People Onboarding

The dynamic process of onboarding of an employee starts by clicking the "People Onboarding" from the People icon on the left side bar menu.



To add a new employee press the "plus" button. A new window will pop up, and you begin filling in the info. 



Enter the information about the employee. The fields marked with a * are mandatory and must contain information. The process of onboarding contains a set of pre-defined categories and fields. You can add any category and field you need in order to tailor your onboarding process. 

Employee ID fills in automatically. 


Creation of users are a mandatory  part of the onboarding process. Appsco One can send an invitation to the employee being onboarded. Username will always be the employees email. 


Setting a password for the new employee can be done manually or by clicking the icon above. 

By clicking the icon above you generate a random password for the new employee.


Before finalizing the onboarding a potential employee will be considered a "draft" and information will be editable at all times. 


The new employee will be marked as completed (or else based of their status) in People onboarding view. 



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