Onboarding of an employee

The dynamic process of onboarding of an employee starts by clicking the "Onboarding workflow" icon from the Dashboard.



Press the + icon to continue the process



Enter the information about the employee. The fields marked with a * are mandatory and must contain information. The process of onboarding contains a set of pre-defined categories and fields. You can add any category and field you need in order to tailor your onboarding process. 

In the pre-defined process you need to enter firstname, lastname, email, department and the percentage of work for the employee.



Creation of users are a mandatory  part of the onboarding process. Appsco One can send an invitation to the employee being onboarded. Username will always be the employees email. 


Setting a password for the new employee can be done manually or by clicking the icon above. 


By clicking the icon above you generate a random password for the new employee.


The new employee will be marked as onboarded in Appsco One by pressing the "Finailze onboarding" button. Before pressing the button he or she will be considered a "draft" and information will be editable at all times. See the workflow of onboarding for more information. 



Statistics about onboarding are found on the Appsco One Dashboard --> "Statistics"


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