How to add resources on personal dashboard?

On your personal dashboard, you can add and use different resources. Personal dashboard is a centralized place where you can add and use all your personal applications, information, notes, links etc. 

To add a resource on your personal dashboard, click on the Add button above the dashboard. In the drop-down menu you can choose the type of resource you wish to add.



AppsCo supports different resource types: 

- Username/password applications (pre-integrated applications available in AppsCo App Catalog)

- Custom username/password applications

- Link resource

- Login info resource

- Credit Card resource

- Software Licence resource

- Passport

- Secure Note resource

Depending on the resource type, you will see a dialog for resource setup. 

Add username/password application

Choose Application from the drop-down menu and search for the application you wish to add. Once you start typing you will see the search results. Choose the application by clicking on the card. 


A dialog will show up. Write in your username and your password and click Add to add the application to your personal dashboard.


Some Applications might have a URL field - usually if application supports sub-domains and custom domains (such as while other as have one pre-defined URL for login.  

Once you have added the application to your dashboard, you will be able to access it with just one click. 

Add custom application

AppsCo has an App Catalog with an extensive list of pre-integrated applications. However, if you can not find the application you wish to set up, you can add a custom application. Click Add and choose Application. 


Type the name of the application you wish to add (or just type Custom application), if this application does not already exist in our catalog you will see ''Add custom application'' button. 


Fill out the application title, URL, username and password and click Add to add the application to personal dashboard. 


Once the application is added, you can use it or share it with other free users. 

Link resource

To add a Link (link is like a bookmark, just a URL) click Add and choose Link from the drop-down menu. 


Enter Link title and URL and click Save, to create a Link resource. 



Login info resource

If you only need to save and share login information, you can use login info resource. Since it is only info, accounts which this resource has been shared to, can securely copy the username and password, but can not directly login by using this icon. 

To add login info, click Add and then choose Login from the drop-down. 


In the setup dialog, write in the URL of the application the login info is for, and add username and password. Click Save to save this resource.


Once the is added to personal dashboard, you will be able to copy the username, and copy the password and enter them on the page you wish to login to. You will not be able to login directly by using this icon - you can use Application resource or Custom application for this purpose.

Credit card

One of the resource types you can add on your personal dashboard is a credit card info. You can use this resource to save your credit card info. 

To add a Credit Card resource click Add and then choose from the drop-down menu.


In the setup dialog, enter the card information such as card holder, card number and verification number, expiry date etc. When you're done with editing, click Save to add this resource. 


Software licence

Depending on your needs, you can add a software licence information to your personal dashboard.

To add a software licence click Add and choose Software licence from the drop-down menu. 


Fill out the information about the software licence and click Save to save the resource. Once it's saved it will show up on your personal dashboard.



You can save the information about your passport in AppsCo as well. To add a passport resource, click Add and choose Passport from the drop-down. 


Fill out the information about your passport and hit Save when you're done. 



Secure Note

You can add different notes with important information to your personal dashboard in order to keep them safe and, if needed, share them with other free users.
To add a secure note click Add and choose Secure note from the drop-down menu. 


Write in the title and the note and click Save to add it to the resources. 


You can read more about how to manage and share resources here.

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