How to share resources?

You can share resources on your personal dashboard to other accounts. When a resource is shared, the person you have shared the resource to will be able to access this resource/application or copy the credentials in order to login. 

To share a resource, click on the Info button. The info section to the right will expand and you will see a Share button in the lower right corner. 


A dialog will open where you can search for the account you wish to share the resource to.  Type in the email or name. When the account shows up bellow the search field, select the card and click Share. 


You can share the resource to multiple accounts. 


The other way to share a resource is to click on Edit button to open the manage resource page. 


In the left section above the icon, you will see a share button. Click there to open a share dialog. 


Type in the account you wish to share the resource to and click Share. 


Once you have shared the resource, the subscriber will be able to access it or copy the credentials and info. You can always revoke the resource you have shared. 

You can read more about how to manage a resource on personal dashboard here. 


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