Customer Billing

As a partner company you can purchase licences for the customer companies you manage. Depending on the setup, the customer companies can pay for licences themselves or you can pay for them and then invoice the licences/service you provide. In order to be able to distribute the licences to your customer companies, you have to purchase the customer licences. 

When you become a partner you can choose if you wish to pay for licences by invoice or by credit card. If you pay for customer licences by invoice, you can agree how many licences do you wish to have available in order to distribute them further to the customer companies. 

If you pay by credit card, you can purchase the licences yourself. To do that, go to your company and then in the partner section go to the Customer Billing page. 


You will see that the payment method has already been set up. Those are the same settings as on your own company's billing page - where you purchase the licences for your users. If you wish, you can change the credit card information by clicking on the Change payment method. 


To purchase the licences, click on the SUBSCRIBE button on the Subscription plan card. 


Enter the number of customer licences you wish to buy, select your plan (if you have a coupon code with the discount you can enter it in the same dialog) and click Purchase. 


Once you have purchased the licences you can distribute them to the customer companies. 
After your order is processed you will see information about your subscription plan, upcoming invoice and you can view and export the previous receipts. 
In the section to the left you can see the total number of available licences and the number of remaining licences which you can distribute to the customers. 


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