Partner - How to add partner admin to customer company?

Companies with partner status can manage customer companies through the AppsCo Partner portal. In order to be able to access the customer instance, the partner company must have admin access. To do this, the partner company should use the partner admin role. Partner admin is a user in the partner company which is added to the customer company as admin and therefore has access to this customer's company instance. 

To do this, go to the company menu and navigate to the Customers page. 


 Click EDIT on the customer you wish to manage. 


And then MANAGE on the Partner admin card. 


Click on the Add Partner admin button. 


A dialog will open where you can choose from a list of users in your company. Select the users and click Add to add them. 

The person you assign the partner admin role will be able to administer only the customer company where he/she was added. 


Partner admin will have access to the customer's company from the top drop-down menu once the role is assigned to them. 


To bulk add a partner admin(s) to customer companies, simply go to the Customers page, select the customer companies where you wish to add partner admins, and click on the ''Add partner admin'' icon in the action header. 


A dialog will open where you can choose partner admins from the list of your company's users. 


To revoke a partner admin from a company, you can simply click on the REVOKE button on the card. 


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