How to bulk import contacts?

If you wish to import many contacts, you can use bulk import option in order to import them to company contacts page all at once and save time. 

Go to your company and then to the Contacts page in the left-navigation menu. 


Click on Import contacts icon in the action header. 


A dialog will open with info about the import. In order to import the contacts, you will need to prepare an import file. Read the information about how the file should look like.

You can download the example file by clicking on the Download button in the dialog.

Fill out the document with first name, last name and email separated with semicolon. When you're done, upload the file by clicking on the Upload file button in the dialog.


Contacts will be imported to the Contacts page. If the the contact already exists or is added as a user in Directory, the import will skip this contact. If the contact does not have an account on AppsCo, an invitation will be created. 

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