How to manage contacts?

As an admin, you can manage contacts in your company. Since contacts do not belong to the company, you can only manage some of the options. 

Go to the Contacts page and click Edit on the contact you wish to manage. 


On the Manage contact page, you can see three cards:

- Shared resources
- Activity log
- Groups

Shared resources

To manage resources shared with this contact, click on All button on this card. 


You will see a list of all resources shared with this contact. To Revoke a resource, simply click on the Revoke button on the card. Once the resource is revoked, this contact will no longer have this icon on the dashboard. 


Activity log

The activity log shows all activities related to this contact within your company. For example, when a resource is shared or revoked, you will be able to view this activity in the Activity log. To view all the events in the contact Activity log, click on All button on the card. 



To view the groups this contact belongs to, click Manage on the Groups card.


You will see a list of all groups this contact belongs to. To remove the contact from a group, click on Remove on the card. Once the contact is removed from a group, all resources shared through the group will also be revoked. 


On Manage contact page you can also covert a contact to user or remove a contact from the company. You can read more about it in the related articles

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