How to change the icon image on your dashboard?

All pre-integrated applications on AppsCo have default icons, but you can always change the logo icon and customize your dashboard as you prefer. 

This option is specifically useful for custom applications, links and login info resources which all use the same default icon, so by adding your own, you can differentiate them easier. 

On your Personal dashboard, click the Edit button on the resource you wish to manage. 


You will be sent to manage resource page. Hover over the icon in the top left corner and click on it to upload the icon. 


Upload the icon from your local folder. It is recommended to use square shape for the icon. 

Once the icon is uploaded you will be able to see it on Manage Resource page. 


The same icon will appear on your dashboard. If this resource has been shared to other personal accounts on AppsCo, they will also see the changed icon. 



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