How to add website icons to your dashboard?

Once you have created your AppsCo account and your website, you can add icons to your dashboard in order to have centralized access to all related services. 

Log in to your AppsCo account. Click the Add button and choose Link from the drop-down menu. 


Fill out the Link title and enter the URL of your MySiteShop website with /admin at the end. This way, when you click on this icon you will be sent to the website editor. MySiteShop uses AppsCo as an identity provider which means your username and password are stored on AppsCo and in order to be able to access your website editor you need to be logged in on AppsCo. 


The icon will be added to your dashboard so you will be able to easily access the website editor and other services from one centralized place. 

You can share links and applications to other personal users on AppsCo. You can read more about AppsCo here. 


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