How to add website editors?

You can add multiple editors to your website. Each website has Access manager (ACL record manager) where you can add users with one of the following two roles:

- ''Edit site'' role grants users access to website editor. Users with this role will be able to edit the website. 

- ''Access protected page'' role grants users access to password protected content which is not available to other visitors of the website. 

To grant a role, log in to your AppsCo account, and then to your website editor (you can use your MySiteShop icon on AppsCo dashboard or login by adding /admin to your website's address like in

Go to ACL record manager in the main menu to the left: 


In the ACL record manager, click Add to add a new role. 


Choose a role from the drop-down. To add a website editor, choose Edit site. 
Under Value write in the email of the user you wish to add. Remember that the email address you enter here should be the same as their username on AppsCo. 

Click Save to save the record. 


The role you added will show up on the list. You can always remove it by clicking the X (remove) icon to the right, or edit the role by clicking on the pencil icon next to the remove icon. 


The user you added with Edit site role, can now edit your website. In order to access the website editor, user must log in to his AppsCo account and login by using the admin URL (with /admin after the website address). 



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