How to add users to company?

You can add users to your company in order to share them resources and access to different services and information. 

To add a user to company, go to your company's Directory page.


On this page you will find a list of all users in your company. To add or invite a new user, click on the add account icon.


In the dialog enter the first name, last name and the email of the user you are adding. If the user already has an AppsCo account he/she will be added to your Directory. 

If the user does not have an account, an invitation will be created. Check the Send Activation Email if you wish to send the invitation. If this option is not turned on, invitation will be created but pending and you can send the email later. 


When a user is added to the Directory, you will be able to see this user on the list. You can use the drop-down menu on top to filter all users, managed users, unmanaged users and invitations. 


Managed users - this filter is showing all users who have your company's domain in their username. Since you manage the domain you will also be able to manage these users' accounts. If you do not have any verified company domains, you will not be able to manage any users. 

Unmanaged users - this filter is showing all other users, with domains your company does not manage. 

Invitations - this filter is showing all active invitations.

You can resend the invitation. Once the invitation is confirmed an AppsCo account will be created an this user will be added to your Directory. You can also remove an invitation. 


If you reach the maximum number of licenses, you will need to purchase more licenses in Billing in order to add more users. 


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