How to configure apps - Item auth type

AppsCo supports different authorization types which enable users to access different apps - both the pre-integrated apps and the apps users add by themselves. 

You can add any app to your dashboard even if it's not integrated. The apps which are not pre-integrated always use Item auth type to log in user. To configure an app using this auth type, just type the app name in the search box on the dashboard you wish to edit.

You will see an app and a message that this app is not integrated. To add this app to your dashboard and configure it, just click Create Item button. 

The app will be added to your dashboard. Next step is to configure the application. Click Configure button on the app you wish to edit. 

A pop-up window wil show up. You need to add URL, username and password for this app in order to configure it. Click Change button to expand the window and add all values. 

Write inn the domain/URL for the app you wish to add, your username and password. The Note and Name fields are optional, name field is the display name for this app. Click Install when you're finished. 

To login, click on the app on your dashboard. A pop-up window will show up. Click on the icon next to app domain to go directly to the app. 

You will also have the overview over your username and password for this app. You can always copy them by clicking on the paper icon next to the entry, or view the password by clicking on the eye icon to the right next to the password entry. 

By clicking the button next to URL you will be redirected to the application to login. Go to login page and you will see AppsCo icon on the login form. Click on the button and choose your username (if you have multiple accounts on this app you will be able to choose) The fields will fill out automatically so you can login to your app in a secure way. 

To learn more about how to configure an app, click here

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail. 

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