How to remove users from dashboard?

You can always remove users from one or multiple dashboards. By removing a user from the dashboard you choose you will automatically revoke his access to apps on this dashboard, but if you delete a user completely, you will automatically delete him from all dashboards and revoke the access to all apps - all user data will be deleted. 

Go to Company in header menu and choose Home from the drop-down. 

1. If you wish to remove a user/employee completely from all your dashboards, and revoke their access to all applications, go to Users tab in the side-menu. 

Find the user you wish to delete on the list, or search the user by name or e-mail. To remove the user click the Delete button to the right. 

A pop-up window will show up, asking you to confirm. If you are sure you wish to delete the user click Delete to complete the process. This will completely remove all user data for this user. 


2. If you wish to remove a user from a chosen dashboard, go to Home or Dashboards tab in the side-menu and choose the dashboard you wish to edit. 

The chosen dashboard will open and you can manage each user on this dashboard. Hover over the user you wish to remove and click on the three dots icon to the right. Click Remove to remove the user from the dashboard. This will only remove the user from this dashboard without affecting other dashboards or user data. 

A pop-up window will show up to ask you to confirm if you wish to remove the user from this dashboard. Click Remove to complete the process. 


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