How to add users/employees to AppsCo?

Once you have created the dashboard you wish to use, you can also add users to your dashboard. 

Go to Company in your header menu and choose Home from the drop-down. 

To add users to your Company, go to the Users tab in your side-menu. You will see your own account - Company owner account on the list. You can add users to your Company individually - one by one, by clicking on Add User button in the top right corner, or Import multiple users by clicking Import Users button. 

To add a user individually, click on Add User button. A pop-up window will show up which you need to fill out in order to invite the user. Write in the name and surname of the user and e-mail. Remember that all users added to your Company need to use your domain. You can check the check-box with the role you wish to assign to this user - employee, administrator, owner. You can always change this later. When you're finished click the Add button to complete the process. If you have checked to send an activation e-mail to the user, he will receive an e-mail to activate his account. 

When the user is added you will see the entry in the users list. You can edit, delete or invite each user by clicking on a button to the right. 

If you wish to import multiple users you can use the Import Users option. You will need a pre-made file with all the users you wish to import. 

You can upload an Excel sheet file or a .csv file with all the users you wish to import. File must contain first name, last name, and e-mail address fields and it should not include a header row. You can download example files. 

To upload a file just click on the white box or drag and drop the file you wish to import. 

Once the list has been uploaded you can manage users


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