How to change settings for your dashboard?

You can change basic settings for each of your dashboards. 

Go to your AppsCo Business account by clicking ''Company'' and then choosing Home from the drop-down menu. 

In side-menu click Dashboards to open the list of all your dashboards. 

You will see an overview over all your company-dashboards and the number of added users and apps. To change the settings for each dashboard, click on the ''Settings'' button to the right. 

You will see basic dashboard settings. You can change the name of the dashboard, or the default colors. 

To change the name of the dashboard just write the new title under Dashboard Title. 

 To change the Header color just click on the box under the part you wish to change. You can pick a different color for Header, Stroke or Header Font. 

There is a list of basic colors you can use or you can use advanced color picker to choose the color. Click the Advanced tab and create the color you wish to use. You will automatically see the color change in header. Remember to click Save when you are finished. 

You can also change your Dashboard Logo and use different logo for each dashboard. Just click on the upload icon in the middle of the box and choose a file from your local folder. You can choose between portrait and landscape by clicking on the icon in the top left corner. You can adjust the logo size. Remember to save when you're finished. You can always delete the image and change it. 

You can delete each dashboard directly in settings. In the bottom of each Settings page there is a red Delete Dashboard button. Click on the button to delete the dashboard you are currently editing.

A pop-up window will show up and ask you if you are sure you wish to delete the dashboard. Click Confirm to complete the process. 



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