General Settings

You can change the general settings for your Company/Business account.

When you log in to your AppsCo account, go to Company in header and then choose ''Home'' from the drop-down menu. 

Then click Settings in side-menu to the left. 

You can change the Company Name and the contact e-mail. Click ''Save'' when you're finished. 

To change your company's logo just click on the image to the right to upload an image from your local folder. You can choose portrait or landscape veiw. Above the logo box, you can see the recommended image size. Remember to save when you're finished. 

Scroll down to manage private dashboard settings. You will see a red button ''Disable Private Dashboards''. By default both you and your employees/users have their own private dashboard. If you click the disable button you will automatically disable and delete all private dashboards for all employees. Only dashboards controlled by company will be available in this case. 


Click Confirm to finish the process. 

You can change the settings by clicking ''Allow Private Dashboards'' button. 

Click ''Confirm'' to allow private dashboards. 


If you have questions, send us an e-mail to

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