Company Settings

When you create a Company on AppsCo you will be immediately sent to Company Settings page. 

You can modify the basic company information, manage company policies, add company domains, change branding and logo etc. 

General Settings

If you wish to change the basic company settings, click on the Manage button on Settings card. 


You can modify the different basic company information such as: 

- Company name: enter your company's name. 

- Company contact email: enter the email address you will use for contact purposes. 

- Billing email: enter the email address where all the invoices regarding AppsCo will be sent. 

When you are finished, click Save in the bottom of the page to save your changes. 



Company policies

You can setup different company policies which will then apply for your entire AppsCo company and all managed users. 

There are several policies you can enforce: 

- Allow personal dashboard

You can turn on or turn off the personal dashboard for your managed users. If you turn off the personal dashboard, your managed users will no longer be able to view, add and share private resources and use their private dashboard. This does not mean that the personal dashboard and resources on it will be removed, just not accessible to managed users. 

- Managed users can create company

You can decide if managed users will be able to create other companies on AppsCo while logged in with the email which has domain managed by your company. 

- Enforce Two-factor authentication

This policy forces all managed users to enable two-factor authentication on AppsCo. Once you enforce this policy all managed users in your company will be prompted to set up the two-factor authentication if it is not already enabled. 

- Block TOR

By enabling this policy you will prevent the users coming from TOR browsers and anonymous networks from logging in.

- IP whitelist

If you wish to allow your managed users to login only from approved IP addresses, you can enter the values here. If there are multiple IP addresses which you wish to whitelist, separate them by commas. Once the IP addresses are entered, your managed users will not be able to login from any other IP. 


Click Save to save all the changes you made on the Settings page. 



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