How to manage company dashboard?

Once you have upgraded your account to AppsCo Business you can also manage your company dashboard and account. 

When you log in to your AppsCo account you will always see your free/personal dashboard first. To switch to your business account go to ''Company'' drop-down and choose ''Home''. 

You will be sent to your first business/company dashboard. You will see admin tools in the side-menu to the left. You can always go back to your free/personal dashboard by clicking the logo in the top left corner. 

In the side-menu to the left you can find Dashboards tab where you can manage all your business dashboards. 

You can manage all your applications for any dashboard. 

Users tab enables you to view and manage all your users/employees. 

 The Audit Log tab enables you to see history/chronological record for all your dashboards.

 Settings tab is used for your general company/business account settings. You can change the logo which will appear on your and your employees dashboards in the top left corner, change the company name and financial contact e-mail. 

In the side-menu you can also find a Billing tab whene you can manage billing plans for all your users, pay your subscription and view your payment history. 

Under Integration you can find the integration tools which can sync your AppsCo Business account to your Google Apps Account and import all users, their roles and credentials to AppsCo. 

The Intranet Admin tab will send you to the admin panel for your company's intranet website where you can add articles, events, and edit the intranet website for your employees. 

All AppsCo Business features will be explained in detail in separate articles. You can read them by clicking on the links in this article, or by going back to the article list and choosing the feature you wish to read about. 

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