How to create an AppsCo Business account?

In order to create your AppsCo Business account you will have to create an ordinary AppsCo account first. You can start a free trial or upgrade your AppsCo account directly from your Dashboard. 

1. Go to to sign up. Login if you already have an account. 

2. Write in your e-mail and choose your password. Remember that in order to create AppsCo Business account you have to use your business/company custom domain. You can not create a business account with a free domain such as or The password should include at least 8 characters and at least one number and one uppercase letter. 

3. If your password is too short or if the e-mail address you choose is already registered on AppsCo you will see a warning notification. When you're finished click Free to create an account. 

4. Once the account is created you will see your default dashboard. You will see a message saying that you can try out Appsco Business and start 30 days trial. If you wish to upgrade your free account to AppsCo Business click ''Start 30 days trial''. 

5. A pop-up window will show up with information about AppsCo Business. Click ''Create Business Account'' to start your free trial. 

 5. Your account will be immediately upgraded to AppsCo Business account. You can see the new features on your dashboard. Instead of AppsCo Dashboard you will see your company's name to the left. A new drop-down menu with Company tools will show up in the header and you will see icons for chat and your intranet website to the right. You can always customize your company's dashboard and change color and logo. 


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