How to create a Company on AppsCo?

In order to create your AppsCo Business account you will have to create an ordinary AppsCo personal account first. You can start a free trial or upgrade your AppsCo account directly from your Personal Dashboard. 

1. Go to to sign up. Login if you already have an account. 


2. Write in your e-mail and choose your password.
Remember that the password should include at least 8 characters and at least one number and one uppercase letter. 


3. When you're finished click Free to create an account. Once the account is created you will be sent to your personal dashboard. To create a Company go to the menu on the left and click Try AppsCo Business. 



You will be sent to Try AppsCo Business page where you can read more about the Features and start your 30 day trial. 


Click Try AppsCo Business to start your free trial.

You will be sent to your company's Settings page where you can enter and manage different settings such as company name, colors, logo, add company owned domains, set up identity providers etc.  

As you can see, you are no longer on your personal dashboard. You can switch between your company instance and your personal dashboard by using the drop-down menu in the header. 




Do you have questions? Please send us an e-mail at 

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