How to add applications to Dashboard

On AppsCo Business you can add applications to each of your dashboards and share them with your employees. 

To add apps to any dashboard you must first make sure to use the correct dashboard. Always choose the dashboard you wish to edit first, by selecting it from the drop-down menu in header. 

You can also choose the Dashboard you wish to edit directly from the Home page. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the dashboard. 

When you have chosen a dashboard you can search the application you wish to add in the search box to the right. Click Add Application to add it to the dashboard.

When the applications is added to the dashboard it will not be ready to use before you configure it. You need to set up your login credentials first. When you hover over app icon you will see a Configure button. Click there to open the settings pop-up window. You can also click on the three dots icon and then Settings. 

Write in the login credentials for this app and click Install to save the changes. 

You will also see a Set by user manually checkbox. After you enter you login credentials if you check it, you will enable user/employee to set up login credentials by himself. The user/employee will need to enter the same credentials to configure this app on his dashboard. 

If you do not check the Set by user manually the user will have access to the app but without being able to see the login credentials. This means that you can grant access to any app without sharing any credentials with users/employees. 

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