AppsCo Business Dashboard - Introduction

Once you have upgraded your AppsCo account to AppsCo Business (or you're using a free trial) you will see some new features on your dashboard. 

Your AppsCo Dashboard logo will change to your company's name. You will see a Company drop-down menu which you can use to manage your Business account and all your employee's accounts. To the left you will see chat, intranet and notification icons. 

If you are using a free trial version you will see a notification informing you that you are currently in trial period which will expire after xx days. The number of days is showing you at any time how many days of trial you have left. By clicking ''Subscribe'' you will be sent to Billing and will be able to subscribe and upgrade your account. 

Remember that you are still on your private dashboard.

To switch to your Business/Company dashboard, click ''Company'' in header and choose ''Home'' from the drop-down menu. 

You will see your company's admin panel with different admin tools you can use to manage your apps, users, billing and other services such as your intranet website. 

Your company chat is in header to the right. You can send messages to your employees. Just type the message you wish to send and press Enter on your keyboard to send it. 

Next to the Chat icon, there is an intranet webpage icon. By clicking there you will open your company's intranet website where you can share news, add events and write about projects and employees. 

As company owner/admin you can edit the intranet website and add your own content and you can sett it up to be visible only to your employees. In your admin panel, you can easily access intranet website admin and edit the website. 

Next to the intranet icon in header you can find your notifications. Your employees will receive a notification when you invite them to a dashboard or assign them applications. 

To go back to your private/free dashboard click on your company's logo. 

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to 

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