Password Vault

On your AppsCo Dashboard you also have access to Password Vault which you can use to manage and store all your passwords in a secure way. 

1. Log in to your account and click on the profile settings drop-down in the top right corner. Choose Password Vault from the drop-down. 

2. AppsCo will ask you to confirm your password in order to open the Password Vault. Type in your password anc click Confirm to proceed. 

3. To add a new entry click ''Add to Vault'' button in the right corner. 

4. You can fill out the fields such as URL of the account you wish to save, Name, Username, Password and a Note. Username and Password are obligatory in order to save an entry, other fields are optional. Click ''Save'' when you're finished. 

5. Once the entry is saved it will show up in Password Vault. You can always edit it again and change the credentials. When you hover over the entry an ''Edit'' button will show up. When you're finished with editing click ''Save'' to save your changes. 

6. To view your credentials, just click on the box you wish to see and a pop-up window will show up. You will see your Username and Password.

You can copy your username and password by clicking on the Copy icon. To view the password click on the eye icon. You can also manage your entry by clicking Manage button in the bottom left corner. Click the X icon in the top right corner or ''Cancel'' button to close the window. 


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