How to manage applications on each of your dashboards?

You can manage the applications directly on each dashboard. But you want better overview and more settings, you can also use the App Manager. 

1. Choose the dashboard you want to edit from the drop-down menu. 

2. Go to ''Manage Dashboard'' and choose ''Manage Apps''. 

3. You will see the list of all apps available on this dashboard. To add a new application to this dashboard click ''Add application'' in the top right corner. 

4. A pop-up window will show up with the list of available applications. Just hover over the application and click ''Add application''. If you can not find it, you can use the search box to find the application. 

5. If you want to add a custom link/URL to your dashboard you can create it as bookmark. Just click ''Create Bookmark'' in the bottom left corner. You will have to configure the apps and bookmarks you added directly on the dashboard. 

6. If you can not find the application you want to use, you can always send us a request to integrate this app to AppsCo dashboard. Just click Request Application. 

7. You can assign applications to users directly from the list. Just click ''Assign'' button next to the application you want to share. 

8. You will see the list of users who were invited to this dashboard. Click on the user you are sharing the app with. The user will automatically show up on the list to the right. 

9. If the app is already configured you just need to click ''Save'' to assign it to a user, but if it's not configured you will have to write in login credentials for this app. When you're finished, just click ''Save'' and then ''Done'' to complete your editing. 

10. If you want to see more information about each application, go back to the application overview, by clicking the ''Applications'' tab in the side-menu or ''Back to applications'' button above the application logo. Click directly on the app you want to view. 

11. Under ''Subscribers'' tab will see information about this app. Users you shared the app with, username, password strength etc. By clicking the ''Edit'' button to the right you can change the login credentials and app settings. By clicking the ''Delete'' button under, you will delete this users access to the app. If you want to assign this app to more users, just click ''Assign users'' button in the top right corner. 

12. If you click on ''Settings'' tab, you will se basic app info - app name, app owner and authentication type. By clicking the red ''Delete'' button, you will remove this app from the dashboard and delete all subscriptions. 

13. If you click on the third tab ''Single Sign-On'' you will be able to change the authentication type. Usually authentication is set to username/password. 



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