How to change dashboard image?

You can set up different image/logo for each dashboard.

1. Choose the dashboard you want to change from the drop-down menu in the dashboard header. 

2. Go to ''Manage dashboard'' og choose ''Settings'' from the drop-down menu. The changes you make will only affect this particular dashboard. 

3. To change the image showing as your dashboard logo, you can just click on the upload button in the middle of the image box to the right, and choose the picture from your computer. You can choose between portrait and landscape in the top left corner of the image box. Recomended size for portrait is 100x100 and for 250x100. By using slider next to the image, can you adjust your image size. Click ''Save'' button to save your logo. 

4. If you already have a dashboard image, you can change it by clicking ''Upload new''. Choose the image from your local folder and remember to save when you're done. To remove the image completely, click the ''Delete'' button. 


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