How to manage each user on a dashboard?

On any dashboard you can separately manage each user and each app. To manage users follow these simple steps: 

1. Choose the dashboard you want to edit from the drop-down in header. 

2. Go to ''Manage Dashboard'' and choose ''Manage users'' from the drop-down. 

3. You will se a list of all users invited to this dashboard. If there are many users on the list, you can search particular user in the search box. To add new users to this dashboard click ''Add user'' button in the top right corner.

''Give full access'' button will grant access to all applications on this dashboard - this means that this user will have access to the whole dashboard. 

4. To assign applications to a chosen user, just click ''Assign'' button to the right. You will see a list of applications available on this dashboard. Click on the application you want to share and it will automatically show on the list to the right. If the app is already configured you just need to click ''Save'' and then ''Done'' to complete the process. If it is not configured, you will have to fill in the login information - your username and password for this application as on the image bellow. Click ''Save'' and ''Done'' when you are finished. 

Remember, other users will not be able to see your login credentials, they will only have access to your apps with just one click. 

5. You can also manage each user's subscriptions from the Users list. Click directly on a user you want to view. 

6. You will get a list of all subscriptions for this user (all the applications which have been assigned to him). You can also see the password strength for each user, and you will be able to edit the application by clicking ''Edit'' button to the right.

To delete the app, click ''Delete'' - this will remove this user's access to the deleted application.

You can always assign new applications - just click ''Assign applications'' in the top right corner. 

7. Under Account tab, you will se basic info - name and e-mail. 


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