How to configure apps?

When you add applications to your dashboard, you will have to configure them in order to use them and access the applications without logging in every time. 

1. Choose the dashboard you want to edit from the drop-down menu in header. 

2. Hover over the application with your mouse pointer and click ''Add application''. You can also add the application from the ''Manage Apps'' section. To open or close the list of available applications you can click on the plus/minus button in the right corner. 

3. Once the application has been added you can configure it and add you login credentials. Hover over the app and click the blue ''Configure'' button. 

4. Pop-up window will show up. Write in your login credentials for the application you want to install e.g. for your Twitter account. Click ''Install'' to configure. You can always change your login credentials. If you share the application with other users, they will be able to access your app, but they will not see your login information. 

If you want to change the name of the application, login info or URL, click ''Change'' button in the top left corner. 

5. You will see two more fields - App URL/Domain and Name. You can change the name of the application - for example if you have multiple Twitter accounts. You an also change the URL and login credentials. Click ''Install'' when you're finished with editing. 

6. Your app is now configured and ready to use. With a single click you will be able to access your application without logging in every time. You can always change the credentials by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the app and selecting ''Settings''. 


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